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NANCY SINATRA  - Sugar Town           1967 Video Klibi
Nancy Sinatra and her superhit "Sugar Town", a super 60's hit. Nancy recorded that song in 1966 as part of her album "Sugar", and the cover of the LP was cen...
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Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra Video Klibi
Written by Lee Hazlewood. Sung by the woman with the most amazing eyes I've ever seen - Nancy Sinatra I got some troubles but they won't last I'm gonna lay r...
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Nancy Sinatra - HD  STEREO - Sugar Town Video Klibi
Anna May Wong Women's League - Nancy Sinatra Not HD elements but the format was used to get a better quality sound to you. Seeking to improve the image segme...
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"Sugar Town" w/Lyrics- Nancy Sinatra Video Klibi
No copyright infringement intended. This video is solely to highlight the vocal, music and songwriting talent. I seek no monetary gain. From the 1966 album: ...
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Nancy Sinatra - "Sugar Town" Video Klibi
Record reached Billboards Top 40 on December 10, 1966. Song written by Lee Hazelwood.
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Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town Video Klibi
GREAT PERFORMANCE OF A CLASSIC SONG I got some troubles but they won't last I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass And pretty soon all my troubles will p...
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Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town (HQ) Video Klibi
This great song by "Nancy Sinatra" was released about 1966.
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Zoom Karaoke ~ Sugar Town ~ Nancy Sinatra ~ With Lyrics Video Klibi
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'' nancy sinatra / lee hazlewood '' - sugartown / some velvet morning - 1967. Video Klibi
two more tracks from nancy completely pop the other much darker with a hint of psychedelia...both from 1967.
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