Zia Victoria 音乐视频片

Novak introducing 9 yr old Zia Victoria at Press Conference 音乐视频片
Novak convinces Zia to come and see how he conducts himself in a press conference... After 10 minutes of questions he spontaneously asks Zia to come on ...
5th Grader Zia Victoria Performs on Today Show | LIVE 5-20-16 音乐视频片
Original Airdate: Friday May 20, 2016 (ICE-TV)
Zia Victoria - Under Her Braids 音乐视频片
You can see more of what Zia is doing by going to ziavictoriamusic.com Zia wrote this song for a non-profit called Consenses.
10 yr old Zia Victoria Performing her original song at Hope & Heroes Annual Gala 2015 音乐视频片
Zia Performing her original song at Hope & Heroes Annual Gala in 2015 for her late grand step-father Z.
"Like Me" by Zia Victoria Uehling (Taylor Swift Essay Competition) 音乐视频片
Zia has been writing music for the last two years and Taylor Swift has been an inspiration to Zia. Zia wanted to post a song she wrote for a Taylor Swift writing ...
10 yr old Zia Victoria Performing the National Anthem 音乐视频片
10 year old Zia performing the National Anthem at a Tenafly Tigers football game in November 2015.
Zia Victoria 音乐视频片
Zia Victoria.
10 yr old Zia Victoria singing at Consenses- 2015 音乐视频片
This video is about 2015 Zia singing at Consenses.
"We are Champions" by Zia Uehling for Novak Djokovic 音乐视频片
We are so proud of you Novak! You will always be our champion!