Zigtebra Videoları

Zigtebra "Spectre" Music Video Video Klibi
Zigtebra "Spectre" Music Video, 1st of 12 new songs and music videos coming in 2017! Click *LIKE* if you enjoy. *SUBSCRIBE* to see each new video as soon ...
"No Matter How Far" Zigtebra Official Music Video April 2017 Video Klibi
Zigtebra's April 2017 release (4th of 12)! Click "LIKE" and please Share! Music written and recorded by Zigtebra. Mixing and Mastering by Michael Mac. Video by ...
Zigtebra "Bay Bay" Music Video Video Klibi
Official music video for "Bay Bay" on Zigtebra's album "The Brave." www.zigtebra.com www.facebook.com/zigtebra www.fperecs.com/zigtebra Filmed & Edited by ...
"Take Off Your Mask" Zigtebra, Official 2017 March Music Video Video Klibi
"Take Off Your Mask" Zigtebra (March 1st Music Video). Camera work by Christopher Alvarez and Robert Gaona. Music, and video editing by Zigtebra.
"All Night" Zigtebra Official Music Video Video Klibi
Official Music Video for "All Night" by Zigtebra, the February 2017 song and music video release. New Zigtebra song and music video every single month in 2017 ...
Zigtebra - Specter live Video Klibi
Zigtebra is pure magic! They began their set with this amazing song, at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, 1/21/16, supporting Oh Wonder.
"Want You" by Zigtebra, May 2017 Release Video Klibi
Zigtebra's May release for 2017. We hope that you love our ode to Chicago adventures. We're excited to see you on the road this summer. Tour info coming ...
Zigtebra on Chic-A-Go-Go Video Klibi
From our all-ages, Chicago cable access dance party. For more info visit www.roctober.com/chicagogo or Facebook.com/chicagogo.
Zigtebra - "The Ride" music video Video Klibi
Zigtebra rides bikes! Here is our first music video of one of our early songs inspired by doing what we love.... um er riding bikes!