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This is track six from beekeeper's album BE KEPT. Download the full album for name-your-price at

What is the Beekeeper book?

One of the Spelling Bee's great traditions is the Beekeeper. Spelling 146, Angela Wang of New Jersey, shows us what's inside.

Beekeeper Uses Military Surplus To Run His Agribusiness // Warrenton, VA // Commercial beekeeper Phillip Ramsey came up with a novel idea for his honey production agribusiness, Stoneleigh Farms. He uses military surplus...

Beekeeper's Apprentice trailer

Fifteen year-old Mary Russell, walking the Sussex Downs one April day in 1915, comes across a local eccentric…or can it be, Sherlock Holmes? The first in a beloved series by Laurie R. King.

ASMR Rainy Day Reads | The Beekeeper's Apprentice: First Chapter

BEHOLD THE LONGEST VIDEO EVER MADE!! :P I thought it would be fun to do another ASMR/First Chapter Read video for the Sherlock Holmes Reading Month. I went with The Beekeeper's Apprentice,...

Secret Life of the Beekeeper (Neil Gaiman Pt 9)

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman loves bees, probably as much as Winnie loves hunny, and speaks with pride of his award-winning bees and honey. The prizes they've garnered him rank third, behind...