A-1 - Celebrate our love Songtexte

Belive in your heart,
No matter what the people may say
The chance you take could take you to the top

Listen up-
You know you gotta throw fear away
Together we can make it,
Shake it up baby

Hear the voices rock the nation,
A calling to the skies
I can see eternity,is in your eyes
Come on everybody there's a party
to go to
There holding out for you!
With every chance you take,
a change you make
The start of something new

All around the world they're singing,
Calling out a new beginning
Oh-oh-oh- celebrate our love
Peopple with imagination
Everywhere a celebration
Oh-oh-oh- celebrate our love!

Good to be free,
Living out our own destiny
The beat will last forever
Never stop

Gotta move
You know we gotta groove into the light
Tonight will be the night that,
We're breaking it up
Break it down baby

Break - Chorus

Oh-oh,oh-oh,na na na na na
Oh-oh,oh-oh - celebrate our love

Let the rhythm take control,
Feel the fire burn within your soul
There's a magic in your eyes,
Forever we can take the
Music thru the night
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