Addison Groove Project - My Apartment Songtexte

My house is a small apartment, I pay my bills and I pay my rent
When the month is gone all my money's spent, so I can live in my small apartment

Waiting for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes
A feeling I've been missing since my money's been long gone
My friends stand all around me with their eyes fixed on the sun
Waiting for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes
My list is long, but I can't go wrong
If I put it off another day

Destinations and friendly relations come and go just as you please
Where you are can't be that far, so you're never really late you see
Yesterday's a long way from the place I'd like to be
This worried mind of mine has got to find some sweet relief
Cause life is fine when you take your time
'Slike throwing all your bills away

Waiting for tomorrow, but tomorrow's never here
Nine to five, the bluest sky, my end is drawing near
Why do I procrastinate while my baby sheds a tear
Hoping that tomorrow will make up for all last year
My list is long, so I'll sing this song
Cause I work less than I play
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