Benett - How Do You Say Goodbye? Songtexte

our time has come.....i've seen the lite
what we have just not rite
you turn away, then you say you're mine
and i've been laening on you far too long a time
what can I say, i'm a little afraid
of this change of heart
maybe i've grown or maybe i'm sick
of feeling torn apart
I don't know what it is
that can save your life
but you can go find yourself another place to hide
how do you say goodbye
to a love that's been broken a thousand times
i've tried to see the love in your eyes
how do you say goodbye
oh love that's been broken a thousand times
I can't see the love in the lite
I don't konw how, but it seems by now
if we can't break thru
you're so strange and i'm wondering if
I even know you
you never loose, so I never win
and i'm thinkin' that I just better sink or swim
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