Les Claypool - Nothin' Ventured Songtexte

Nothing ventured
nothing gained
his old time dentures
were pitted and coffee stained
he drove a milk truck
for an outfit called "dairy time"
tilled the cobwebs
and filled with love in his mind

something borrowed
something blue
rest assured their love
was always true
they raised their sons in a place
called "Tomales Bay"
then melanoma came
and took her away

he doesn't worry
but will often pine
his biggest obstacle
passing time
he sold his house
and bought a big ol' wood trawler
now he drags the ocean
and earns quite a dollar

nothing ventured nothing gained
the salty air helps to fade the pain
a simple man with a simple wish
affable seas
and an occasional load of fish

nothing ventured nothing gained
every now and then
gonna get slapped with a slab of rain
nothing ventured nothing gained
some die and leave their mark
and some just a stain
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