M-90'S - Unleash The Beast Songtexte

We live on a world
Captured by time
The feeling of being in charge
Proves to be fatal to life

Confidence, in god we trust
Evidence by science, lost
Stubborn, merciless we kill
Our shelter, our all, our will

Unleash the beast
The beast known as man
Unleash the beast
The beast known as man

Ever-growing population
Decreasing supplies
Inevitable extinction
Ultimately wears down last life

Man is not master, nature is

All lives ending
All life ending
In this misery we thrive
In this misery we try to survive

Our lungs filled with gasses
veins filled with waste
The end of an era,
the end of the human race

Awaiting in disbelief,
rejecting the thought
Gruesome scenes are forming,
all effort lost

Misery, beware of suffering
Awaiting the final stage, disaster strikes
Horror everywhere,
dying and rotting bodies
Remains, a culture lost forever

Unleash the beast
Unleash the beast
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