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Sewn Leather - Feel The Lock [Full CS]

Feel The Lock (2012) *All rights belong to Sewn Leather/Griffin Pyn Tracklist: Side A- 0:00 Side B- 12:23 **DISEASE-RIDDEN ...

SEWN LEATHER (Drop Dead Festival 2011)

Complete show! Cam: AC Horn, Oliver Chwat, Editing: Oliver Chwat.

sewn leather – 4000 calories -Video Upload powered by


SPEWING PUNKS: Kansas City refugee/bandleader Griffin unleashes a new musical masterpiece at Women House in Los Angeles. Raw and unedited video by ...

Sewn Leather - Φυλλ Σκυλλ

2nd track from 1-sided LP "Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ" out on Phase!.

Sewn Leather at Floristree

January 11th 2011, Baltimore Maryland.

Sewn Leather - Bootz For Kikkkin

sewn leather recants instructional poetry of sorts, passed from bards long dead. from the split with hoax.

Sewn Leather @ SXSW 2011

Sewn Leather getting insane in Texas. Get down. For more music, drugs, and subversive material: