Various Artists - Blaze_Mondo Grosso(Japan) Songtexte

Go, strike the flint
If you think it can make a spark
Stack fuel for a fire
If there's a chance that this will burn
Guard off the rain
From wind brewing in the dark
And after you do
I still might just blow you off and turn away

?If you want to light my heart
?Use a candle, not your Bic
?Put up on dry land
??Sea of Love? is full of drips
?Pour the petrol on the cloth
?Torch gripped tight in your fist
?If you think you can be
?My cardiac arsonist?

?Blaze it up
?Blaze it up?Blaze it up
?Blaze my heart tonight??

You can light my soul afire
With dried up roses and a Zippo
My outer shell is fireproof
My wick has just ignited
So you had best be taking cover
Set fire?Go higher
Feed our?Desire
No never?Whatever
Oh we're?Forever



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