Various Artists - End Titles Songtexte

(HIGGINS begins playing a recording.)
ELIZA. (recorded voice, speaking)
Oh, we are proud!
He ain't above giving lessons, not him.
I heard him say so.
Well I ain't come here to ask for any compliment.
And if my money's not good enough,
I can go elsewhere.
HIGGINS. (recorded voice, speaking)
Good enough for what?
ELIZA. (recorded voice, still speaking)
Good enough for you.
Now ya know, don'tcha?
I'm come to have lessons,
and pay for 'em, too,
make no mistake.
PICKERING. (recorded voice, speaking)
What is it you want, my girl?
ELIZA. (recorded voice, still speaking)
I - I want to be a lady in a flower shop,
instead of sellin' on the corner at Tottenham Court Road.
But they won't take me
unless I can talk more genteel.
He said he could teach me.
Well, here I am, ready to pay,
not askin' any favor,
and he treats me as if I was dirt.
I know what lessons cost as well as you do,
and I'm ready to pay.
I won't give more than a shillin'.
Take it or leave it!
HIGGINS. (recorded voice, still speaking)
It's almost irresistable.
She's so deliciously low,
so horribly dirty.
I'll take it!
I'll make a duchess of this
draggle-tailed guttersnipe.
ELIZA. (a "click", as she stops the recording)
I washed me face and 'ands before I come, I did.
(HIGGINS sits, reclines, pulls his hat forward over his eyes.)
Where the devil are my slippers?
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