X-Fusion - Let My Body Burn Songtexte

The cries
Smoke arise
Change the color
Of the skies
Say good-bye
Time to die
Never know the
Reason why

Cannons roar
Total war
This is what we're living for
Victims yell
Burning hell
No one will
Live to tell

Let my body burn

Panic sheer
Mortal fear
Got no time
To shed a tear
Deat is near
No more fear
All of us
Are dying here

Crawl in mud
See the blood
Can't believe
There is no God
Take the shit
This is it
Left to rot up
In a pit

Let my body burn

Now we face
Evil way
Suicide of the
Human race
It's too late
Cannot wait
Play this fucking
Game of hate

Death arrive
Can't survive
Wasn't born
To be alive
We are lost
Pay the cost
End up in the holocaust
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