X-Y - Rebirth Songtexte

It felt like the end
We were hanging by a thread
that was just about to break
We kept hoping for a change
over and over again
But everything was frozen!

Tired of living in the past,
feeling numb most of the time,
waiting for a better life,
Didn't give me enough
and when we took one step forward
we realized it was 2 steps back.

I can't breath, oh I need to leave (this place)
the sunshine is chasing clouds, (chasing those black clouds)
here is my chance, my rebirth.

The dream was starting to come true,
tonight we'll be in Hollywood.
Can't wait to high-five Uncle Sam,
and waste ourselves 'til morning light!
Such a fancy place,
to spend my days.
Welcome to L.A.

Now I can breath, oh I need to live in this place.
(Now I can breath, I'm feeling so much better
Amazing place, let's party all together!)
the sunshine has chased away the clouds (chased away black clouds)
I took my chance!

Rebirth! Right now!
Rebirth! Somehow!

I can't regret what I've been through
It made me know where I came from
Wasted years, the blame's on you!
Wicked prison, frozen people, no way!

I can't believe I didn't spit on their faces
Still time to kick some asses, yeah!
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