Zomba Prison Project - Women Today Take Care of Business Musikvideos

Zomba Prison Project - Please Don't Kill My Child

The Zomba Prison Project is an innovative recording project featuring music by prisoners at a maximum-security prison in Zomba, Malawi, produced by Ian Brennan and Marilena Delli. To learn...

Zomba Prison Project - Dont Kill My Child

The Video was animated after I watch the "Zomba Prison Project Don't Kill My Child" video on youtube,i only decided to create the animation with the song that was in that vide.

ZOMBA PRISON PROJECT "Please, Don't Kill My Child"

At the end of 2015, the Zomba Prison Project scored the first Grammy nomination ever for Malawi, the world's #1 poorest nation according to the World Bank. They did it by merit alone-- on the...

Zomba Prison Project - I See the Whole World Dying of AIDS (bass cover)

I just realized garage band went into default mode and put compression on my bass (and it's been like this for the last few covers). It sounds all glassy. is everything everywhere I IV V?

Zomba Prison Project - Last Wishes (bass cover)

there are some weird bars in this one. I tried to get my bass to the same tuning, but it's almost hopeless. Still fun to play along.

The Zomba Prison Project - A Message (I Will Take You) (bass cover)

this bass player is all over the place, so I didn't lift the line note for note, but tried to put some of the more prominent stuff in there, like the freak out at 2:27 or so.

Zomba Prison Project - Listen to Me (or I Will Kick Your Ass) (bass cover)

I'll probably end up adding bass to most of these songs.

Judge Judy Cracks Up When a Man Loses His Case in 26 Seconds Flat!

More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw Judge Judy's handled some pretty ridiculous defendants -- but this one takes the cake!

Young In Prison Malawi

This documentary uncovers the stories of some young people in Malawi whose lives have transformed through the Young in Prison project (YIP). YIP is a Dutch founded organisation that believes...

Random Acts of Love

Random Acts of Love for the kids with cancer at the House of Hope, SPMC, Davao City. Big thanks to Lucky Juneza! :) For your event and party needs contact Athena Miel's Balloons, Bubbles and...