ASAP Ferg - How To Rob The Mob Lyrics

Feel like Fifty after them bullets had a party
All I want is revenge, these rappers getting on me
We could get it shaking like Muhammed Ali
Might take a shot at myself like Pac in the lobby
But I will never shoot myself, no Cheddar Bobby
But I'm getting cheddar 'cause my flow crack like Bobby
Not from Miami, but I roll with a shower posse
Teena and Kalani who's pussy you'll get Dasani
Two credit cards killing bitches from Brooklyn, kinda grimey
Their pussy'll get wet if you're even talking about money
Flatbush finest, your royal highness
We supposed to be scheming, but them bitches stay the highest
Bitch, why don't you pay attention to the plan?

First you can get Nast ugly ass then go after Yams
And Addy think he a gun boy so I'm gon' watch his hand
And Dominic Lord was his best friend so I'm gon' watch his man
He got kicked out of A$AP early on 'cause he was schemin'
Telling record exec's he started this, you wouldn't believe it
I stay on top of my game, my foot stay in the ..
And Bron Bron still a don you other niggas was cheatin'
Bumping y'all gum, you little niggas is teethin'
Spit Miami Heat and you little niggas is steamin'
Tell Rocky that I'm cocky, I'm going off for no reason
Twelveyy going off for no reason
Y'all might hate me, I'm going out with no treason
No, I don't smoke, don't hand me no trees then
Don't care about molly, don't give a fuck about leanin'
Just wanna throw bullets, I'm feeling like Willy Brennan

Ferg, Ferg, Ferg, Ferg (chant)
Ay listen, I do this shit for a living, you know what I'm saying?
I went to Art School and shit
Grew up in the hood, the gutter, you know what I'm saying?
My pops was that nigga
I'll write for anybody
I'll write for a girl, the niggas, whatever, I don't care
I do this
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