Eminem - Ken Kaniff (skit) Lyrics

Suck, Lick, suck (Uhhhh) (yeah) Slp, Slp (oh suck it), (uh fuck ya), (oh shaggy), (Uhh), (this is why they call you to ??? ain't it), (Uhh Fuck Ya)

Okay now take it out, take it out.
Now give some to Jay,
Lick, Suck, (Oh Violent Jay), Don't Bite it, don't be violent with it,
Just suck it, nice and slow
Uhhhh, Oh fuck ya, now give it back to shaggy, he was suckin' it better
Uhh, now say my name, say my name.
OH FUCK YOU GUYS, give me my dick back (ZZZZIP)
Fuck You guys, If you want Eminem
You can have Eminem, Fuck You guys, I'm leavin'

"Ken Wait!!"
Uhhh, damn, NICE GOING SHAGGY!!.
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