Henry Mancini - Ludmilla's Theme Music Videos

Ludmilla's Theme

from the movie titled "Visions of Eight"(時よとまれ、君は美しい), performed by Henry Mancini Orchestra.

Ludmilla Tourischeva 1973 Visions of Eight

Film: Visions of Eight 1973 Music : Henry Mancini - Ludmilla's Theme.

Ludmilla's Theme

ミュンヘンオリンピックの記録映画「時よとまれ、君は美しい~ミュンヘンの17日(Visions of Eight)」より「第4部分:美しき群像(THE WOMEN)」。...

Henry Mancini - Theme For The Losers

Music From The Original Soundtrack Visions of Eight (1973), Composed And Conducted By Henry Mancini.

Mikhail Glinka - Ruslan and Lyudmila: Overture

Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857), Россия - Overture to the Opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila" Cincinnati Pops Orchestra Erich Kunzel -----------------


Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini - Pretty Girls (1973)

A track from the soundtrack of »Visions Of Eight«, a documentary on Olympic athletes of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

Ultraje toca "Peter Gunn", do Henry Mancini

Pra fechar o programa, Ultraje a Rigor toca "Peter Gunn", do Henry Mancini. Veja mais em http://www.sbt.com.br/thenoite/ Inscreva-se no canal do The Noite: http://www.youtube.com/sbtthenoite...

HENRY MANCINI - BEACH WALK (from "The Thorn Birds" mini-series)

Enrico Nicola "HENRY" MANCINI (April 16, 1924 – June 14, 1994) was an American composer, conductor and arranger, who is best remembered for his film and television scores. Often cited as...