Lachrimatory - Twilight Lyrics

Worthy of being lived
Arc these images of shades
Fleeting sensation of the appearance
Parading in front of me

The steps for the life are light
As birds flying in the sky
With no fear of the kind beings
We live and we suffer with such scenes

In any ease I wonder
Why this smile in your face?

Your face is rejuvenate
I feel in your skin and heart
The beauty seen in love
Rejoici ng necessity of pleasure

The courage and the bravery
The force in trying to reach not obtaining
To be what you are not
And perhaps
To be what you would like to be

To look at people
To see in their eyes
To turn yourself
And cry without tears

The vision I have is oniric
When you will be falling
Await to reach the floor
And so wake up!
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