Soundtrack - You Mean More To Me Lyrics

Bob Cratchit: I don't need a fortune,
Hidden in a shoe,
Many men have fortunes,
But they don't have you.
When I look at you, I'm richer than a king,
Yes, you mean more to me than anything.

Up you go, son!
Mrs Cratchit: Goodbye, my loves.

Bob Cratchit: We shall buy some apples.

Tiny Tim: Mum will love them so!
Father, look, the theatre!

Bob Cratchit: When we're rich, we'll go.

Both: All the joys of Christmas,
Bundled up with string.

Tiny Tim: But you mean more to me...

Bob Cratchit: You mean more...

Both: Yes, you mean more to me than anything.

Turkey Seller: Here's a fine bird; my prize turkey.
Bob Cratchit: How much is it?
Turkey Seller: I'll take a sovereign.
Bob Cratchit: That's a little bit out of our price range.

Tiny Tim: I don't need a feast, Dad,
All I'd get is fat.
I don't need a turkey,
How'd I eat all that?
I shall be content no matter what you bring.
You mean more to me,

Bob Cratchit: You mean more to me,

Both: You mean more to me than anything.
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