Wacka Flocka Flame - Snake In The Grass Lyrics

they say flocka trippin shawty on dat other shit
i keep the croud jumpin like a criss cross bitch
i aint gonna cross over that A rap nigga move over
they say i aint gonna make some,this year i gotta show ya, man im all in the hood for making that fucka bark,
you know flocka shoot first like John Stark,
40 nights,40 days no Noah's arch, if we were livin in water ill be a shark, im in the front, you in the back like rosa parks, got hoes like rosa parks ay,where the fuck to start, dont got the gun then ima use a dart, i fell in love with yellow diamonds since gucci bark, bitch we shootin over here no marcial arts

okay man im gettin ready to go in, real talk man

i got niggas out your girlfriend's pussy hella mileage
imma street nigga so middle finger to collage,

(2x) they say snakes in the grass,so i gotta cut dis shit
all these girls want ma cash so i cant trust em bitch
12 poloroids fast aint goin to jail for shit
i got cars, ice, and hoes shawty im nigga rich

Cartier no wise so heightened my ears pop
right here where that mirror dropped, pop out yeah like thats hot, now where the bread? imma need dat bill, when im off that head imma need like 2. nigga rich, what that make you? imma trigga chick my belt my proof. now what you? imma shut this down,niggas try to front like i dont run this town. niggas try to front like i dont work this shit, nigga hide the plant i smell the pigs.
while im tippin corners,im rollin with foreigners.my hoes be Brizilian, Sicilian, Honduras. i got bread to blow i got to mean 16? turn the camera on, imma rep ma team. im makin hits like back to back. yall cute and shit yall try to rap. get stupid shit how you tryna act? im stupid rich no platinum plats. im nigga rich, boy whatchu rap? no nigga buisness, no nigga chat. Cartier

(2x) they say snake in the grass , so i gotta cut this shit.
all these girls want ma cash,so i cant trust em bitch
12 poloroids fast aint goin to jail for shit
i got cars, ice,and hoes shawty im nigga rich
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