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Everyday I wake up, I just I expect the worst that's just how I prevent shit from happening man. That's how I move how I move, you know well protected. It's G Herbo

Every night I sleep, I dream of niggas plotting on me
Catch me smiling, joking, smoke me with my Glock on me (damn) I don't fuck with niggas, RocBlock only
When Kobe told me " fuck the opps, you gotta watch homies."
I'm the type to keep it cool & just watch them slowly
I learned how to read niggas when I was a shorty
Better watch your shorty, I got this bitch right on me
I feel like Robert Horry, I can't end up a story
Get on that beat & spit my life, tell them just record me
That's on my niggas ask about me, think I'm telling stories
G Herbo been the man 7-9 RocBlock that's where I stand
Catch me on EA that's Fazoland, black 4-5 Glock like Fazo head And my respect still go to you, I got your name lit
And ever since you left we still been on the same shit
Said we got hunnid rounds cause we getting money now
But I'll still gun them down & get bond out for a hunnid thou

150 Dream Team The Campaign It's G Herbo
RocBlock, Fazoland, Pistol Gang, Long Live King Cap
I don't know, I just been grinding I don't know what I'm working on, a tape or a album ya feel me
I just been reminiscing about my niggas real shit look though check it

Remember Fazo hit a lick for a hunnid thou
That shit wasn't nothing then & still that shit ain't nothing now
I might have been like 12 then but shit I'm 20 now
And in the last couple weeks I spent like 20 thou
But you know if I spent 20 I had to save 40
Get that paper stacking, I can't hustle backwards
These niggas more in love with stuntin' than they love the money
These hoes the reason why one day you gone wake up with nothing
We link up, fuck it, make her suck it, hit these hoes with nothing and I'm recording in New York now so that's word to mother
I left the house at 8AM ain't give that word to mother, skipped school I wanted bread I had to serve the butter
I serve ya sister, serve ya granny, I'll serve ya mother
This information vital, it's all about survival
I wouldn't respond to Twitter beef, I don't like going viral
Cause if a nigga get at me it might get homicidal

I don't even.. I-I feel like I got to much to lose man so I don't even anticipate all that fuck shit man I'm on defense
Niggas know what it is G Herbo man I keep it on me & I don't even like doing none of that talking cause I already know the spotlight already on me
I'm trying to provide for my mama, my sister, my family ,all my niggas
You know what I'm saying look this for my mama right now

I eat sleep shit & piss the grind
I put in hours with no sleep trying to get it, that wasn't for shit but for my wrist to shine
I'm talking Lista-rhymes, minds spinning, switch the lines
Roll up & get high I'm in it then I take my time wit it
All I knew was money, hoes, go buy clothes, money, hoes
Now I just won't do now I just don't want nothing from no bummy hoes
Niggas chasing bitches man I had them since a runny nose
Mama said she thought I was a baby with another soul
Grew up in the hood all my life, seen a lot of shit
Hollow tips, fly out that Tre pound make his body flip
Niggas get caught with that shit, pop out act like they not a snitch. I been through a lot of shit don't give a fuck about a lot of shit
I been broke was stressing wanting to give up & all kind of shit
Got up on my grind now I gotta pay my mama rent
Fly to LA for a month I rent a crib do what I want
Buy Balmains, smoke 50 blunts, lifestyle 10K a month

And all the real bitches put your hands up, all my Trap niggas put them bands up
All them down bitches put your hands up & if you gone ride wit him put your hands up
Put them bands up, real niggas put them bands up
True Story, G Herbo, 150 Dream Team
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