G Herbo - Mansion Flow Тексты

Big G Herbo call me 1000 kilt a 1000 rhymes
Young nigga grinding touched a 1000 like a 1000 times
My momma told me you 1000 i got tired of lying
I accept life and everything that went down the line
Yeh you real you a hunnit you 1000 nigga
Thats the reason why you always be around your niggas
You gon float up to the top and you gon drown wit niggas
Then you gon ride to the finish pound for pound wit niggas
You ask yourself what you gon do when it go down wit niggas
You worth 100,000 worried bout 1000 niggas
100 cash you just breathing you can hardly live
I watched a quarter million poof and i ain't hardly spend
Im at the crib or M I A cause i hardly live
They like G Herbo hardly home shit i hardly is
I probably got the 40 chrome or its probably (?)
They like G Herbo fucked my bitch yeah i probably did
Look, i tell em gotta keep my head up where im walking i know niggas watching
Im chasing gwolla while they plotting i can't let that stop me
And (?) ridin maserattis
I came from essex speeding (?) its just me and Mally
Call for that check im gon pull up dolo dont need nobody
Nobody try me yeah you know im gon catch me a body
Just came off tour off sold out shows no sleep call me a zombie
I was up all night just counting hunnits foe nem fucking thotties
And when your up all of these niggas wanna be your partner
But ain't nobody fuck wit me when i ain't have a dollar
I ain't been in the streets i been stuck on the grind (?) problems
I just been busy doing me can't wait to buy some choppas
Can't wait to buy some problems can't wait to call the shottas
No limit we some Mobsters get popped up bout the gwolla
We pop up on your block today and come right back tomorrow
And ain't no snakes in this circle all these killers ours
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