Lil Happy Lil Sad - Fate Тексты

Lately i've been felling stressed, I'm sorry, I'm cold
You're the only thing that matter and I hurt you, I know
I wish I fucking knew how to till dawn and be cool
But I'm dying on the inside, girl, I'm losing at all

I'm fucked up with the drugs that iI put in my veins
Taking hits of beats that go straight to the brain
Coming up being judged, I ain't looking for fame
Coming up dripping blood, I only speak of my pain
All this girls, hit me up and they say they relate
All this drugs gon' me fuck, then I turn to the blame
I'm in love with a girl and I know it is fate
I'm in love with the drugs baby pass me to jail

Trying hard to make living with a girl that stressed me up
I know I will make, I keep working to I'm passing up
Let me pass in up, girl I wanna pass in up
Need myself a druggy girl, trying fucking smoke me up
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