Zig Short - Ghost Type Тексты

He don't believe in nothing, all he know is gang
Making something out of nothing, all he know is gang
He don't believe in nada, all he know is gang
One peace for the rasta, 2 piece for the gang

"Yeo, how much them hollows cost?",
About to reenact the holocaust,
break a bottle off like mazel tov , burn'em down with the maltov...
...cocktail in your hideout, cocktail get you wiped out
fishtail when I ride out, fish scale when I grind out
flip out when I find out... my nigga was stealing my shit tho'
Main man since we piss poor, put that same man in a "benzo"
turn a sane man to a skitzo, it's a shame man where your friends go
making game plans for them ends tho', read a snake man like a kindle

When I poke-a-mon, turn a nigga to a ghost type
Had to dead that nigga... he a ghost a type
When I poke-a-mon, turn a nigga to a ghost type
I'm lifted and I'm faded like a ghost's life (x2)

I ain't mean to be superstitious, leave a nigga needing super stitches
keep'em bleedin like some super bitches, heavy flowing man shits ridiculous
make his soul float a couple inches, ain't a big fan of forgiveness
shit can cost you a mouth of dentures,
shit can cost you your life plus interest.
Leave a nigga looking like some chitterlings, fatality, nigga finished
turn a hard nigga to princess turn a pretty nigga to blemish turn the VIP to a shit list
genocide to the dumb fucks BRRRRDDD-BRRRRDDD-BRRRRD turn a "Caddy" to a Dump Truck Tell me, how the f-- we got a rifle
Gang go "Buck! Buck!" for a quick buck
My niggas is killas
My niggas got niggas thats killas that's finna kill all of you niggas
I'm laughin at niggas
I would put the mac to these niggas
but I prefer stabbin' these niggas,
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