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Zior-Zior..plus-1971 [FULL ALBUM Hd]

1 I Really Do-00.00 2 Za Za Za Zilda-03:00 3 Love's Desire-05:38 4 New Land-09:41 5 Now I'm Sad-13:48 6 Give Me Love-17:55 7 Quabala-20:42 8 Oh ...

Zior - Every Inch A Man (1972) [Full Album] UK Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

http://wherethebuffaloroam1968.blogspot.com.es/2016/11/reliquias-olvidadas-del-heavy-metal.html Pistas A1 Entrance Of The Devil 00:00 A2 The Chicago ...

Zior - Entrance of the Devil (1971)

Artist: Zior Song: Entrance of the Devil Album: Every Inch A Man (1971) Genre: Hard Rock.

Zior - Love's Desire (1971)

ZIOR (UK) - Love's Desire from 1971.

Zior-Zior..plus-1971 [FULL ALBUM]+

I do not own the copyright to this recording so if it needs to be removed, I will remove it. If you like this album please buy it for the full experience 1 I Really ...

Zior - Angel of the Highway

Bonus track from s/t "Zior"

Zior. Oh Mariya (UK 1971)

UK Heavy Psychedelic/progressive rock, this song is from their first LP, released by Nepentha in 1971, A truely fantastic album from a legendary underground ...


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Zior. Za Za Za Zilda (UK 1971)

UK Psychedelic rock, this song is from their first LP, released by Nepentha in 1971.

Zior - Entrance Of The Devil - 1971

Zior Album: Every Inch A Man, 1971 Entrance Of The Devil: 2:11.