AMADEA - Overcome 歌词

I was lost: I have cried out my tears;
Spent so many endless nights alone.
Almost drowned myself in my fears,
But my spirit made me go on.
And I gathered strength for living from my sorrow,
It's time to show you some fortitude.
Now I will build a new life with my own tomorrow;
Better life - without traitor like you!


Overcome all despair, all the sadness,
Done with anguish of body and mind.
You will not see me fall into madness.
Youre a bad dream Im leaving behind.
Ill leave behind.

Dont believe? Yes, it is really me.
Beautiful, smiling, & still alive.
You thought after all that you did
I would never ever survive?
Now you see, you were seriously mistaken,
About me you were totally wrong.
I wouldnt let you make me feel lost and forsaken,
I will live, & I will be strong!
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