Beekeeper - Table And Bed 歌词

i guess they had it when they said i was a simple man
but even simple men can try a complicated plan

blue sky above me
crazy this was lovely
blue sky above me
green grass around me
body on the ground, see
blue sky above me

i cant watch you play bourgeois, ive had too much to drink
i cant keep you happy, all sweet maidens are extinct
and i cant say im damaged, thats just lazy monochrome
but i caaaaaaaaan

i can flee in longing to a frigid libertine
and i can give another every bit thats left of me
i can still remember every painting, every poem
but i caaaaaaaaan

this was happiness, ill take all these things that are on your desk, tell me ohhhh
signs of loving care, break into your house, shadowy despair, tell me ohhhh
the table and the bed, all the places that ownership was bred, tell me woaahhh
but the tragedy is that you and me
are just like anyone else

blue sky above me
crazy this was lovely
crazy, you were lovely

i guess ive learned that i am capable of giant lies
and it is in that spirit that i do apologize
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