Lil Happy Lil Sad - Magical 歌词

Babe I know I've done you wrong
I can hear it in your songs
I can see it on your face
Won't be long for I'm replaced

I'll miss the times we had
And I'll miss the laughs we shared
I'll miss staying up till midnight
And the times when everything felt right

When the blood drips
I feel nothing
I can't discuss it
I need something to numb it

Baby girl don't hate me
The sadness ate me
Now I'm so sedated
On the fucking daily

I'm sorry baby
Find me where the pain be
In the dark creating
I see the light and it's fading

I don't know if I can leave you
I don't know if I believe you
All the shit you're fucking saying girl
Yeah you drive me fucking crazy girl

I never did shit now you cut me
I need to get lit for I cut me
I'm fucking sorry I can't live no more
I fucking love you girl you're magical

Baby take it all away
I don't wanna feel this pain
I don't wanna feel this way

I can see the stars on your face
I was snorting cocaine
Wanna fucking blow my own brains

I don't even have a plan right now
Cause I can't see tomorrow
Cause I don't even really wanna wake up
Wanna wake up
Wanna wake up
Wanna wake
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