Lil Happy Lil Sad - Only U (feat. Lil Sophie) 歌词

I met you
And my heart froze
But for once I wasn't cold
My whole world
It was put on hold, Ayy
I could see us both grow old
I had visions for it all
And it made me want u more
I said: Baby take a chance with me
And I'm forever yours
I said: Girl we could get rich
We can sing lets make some hits
You said sure and took my hand
Been recording ever since
It was me and you alone
No one was supposed to know
Now they bumpin all our shit
Acting like we owe them more
But I guess this is the life
That we chose it stress me out
But its slowly getting better
And I love that we got clout
We had nothing but each other
When we first was starting out
Look at how they talking now
Acting like they know us now
They don't know
They don't know shit
They don't know
They don't know me
Only you
Fucking know me
Only you
Really know me

Baby I miss you when your'e not with me
I think about you fucking constantly
Want you to fulfill your dreams with me
I know we'll make it they'll see
Babe I know you have it tough
I know that life's not enough
But baby trust me it gets better
I know I'm the one for you forget her
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