Mac Lethal - Pale Kid Raps Faster 歌词

Happy Birthday Duriel! )
From me and Lauren!
My name is Mac Lethal
(But I'm gonna spit some paler and faster fucking lyrics )
Let's go!
Oh hi!
My name's Mac,
ecstasy, cocaine and crack,
none of that
I just smoke green
while Chinese people eat your cat.
Roll by on a low-ride Huffy
Simpsons on and my beer is Duff see,
cuff rolled up to my cap,
cash out the ass cuz I wrote a couple raps with Puffy.
Gotta be the one to bite the bullet
I'm a sinner but I bet I could have been a better man,
I wanna be Zen but I go sipping on some medicine
instead of meditation but I get it while I can.
I don't wanna wind up in the gutter with a bottle malt liquor bitter cuz I never got a call,
But who the fuck drink malt liquor anymore?
Give me vodka now and start sucking on my balls!
Motherfuckers wanna have another personal epiphany
I'm coming with a symphony eliminating everybody/anybody
roll up like a cannibal and bite em like a peanut butter apple in a minute
I'mma nibble on a pentagram and every single bitter lamb
is getting so offended I don't give a damn if anything
A mental plan is coming with a visually-integrated entity
And everybody's gonna get the guillotine
I'm getting cinematic in a matter of a minute
Every milligram is devilish the Vatican will kill it DEAD.
Gonna kill it til it's dead, I'mma try to hit'em in the head, corn-fed,
Midwestern whore bred. She looks so thick and juicy give it to me
in the booty shorts then you gotta get up in the morning n get out
(Let's speed it up big breath)
Never been a counterfeit of nothing
I am just an elevated entity
I'm coming and giving it back
then pumping dump on every instrument with increments of sentiments
and syllables
I lunge I'm livid again
I'm sticking it in their muffins
make a couple million I'm hoping to I'm going to
so gimme another reason I should
sit around an not experience
benefits of getting down when all
the drivel that they're spitting
is so hideous Godzilla fear the viciousness!
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