Sophie Hunger - I Opened a Bar 歌词

I opened a bar for my friends
Who have no work
And for the ones
Who do at work
The safely moment
What they have earned
Into the hole

Underneath the disco ball

I opened a bar for arctic plates
Where they can melt in microwaves
And I opened a bar for veterans
To chat about figurines
To smash them faces
When they're bored
And raise their glass to president

Fall asleep in front their hole

Today, today, hurray, hurray
I opened a bar

I opened a bar for my boyfriend
The one who always held my hand in public places
When me drank
Bring him to one before he spent the night with this new lover
And whispering lyrics of romance
That they care I don't understand
I will start a clever hashtag trend

Oh it must be growth by dying

Today, today, hurray, hurray
I opened a bar

I opened a bar for myself
The purely self wearing events
In case I sending for Innen, Kimu, Runa
Take the facts instead of spending weeks in bed
Attached to intravenous trips
And I'd love it taking drugs
So why start now
And there is my pub
Frank and crime and neutronized
From the street up to the south
And in an independent European
Who has never needed someone
To blow the whole thing of

Hurray, hurray, today, today
I opened a bar
Her bar, a bar, a bar, a bar

Today, today, hurray, hurray...
I opened a bar, a bar

I opened a bar for my mother
To explore when she discovers
That I passed and she may long for
Her place to find the clues
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