Zorita - Tank Top 歌词

Hey you sweet thing you know you look so fine
Cycling through the city stretching out your behind
Tell me where you going with those sirens on
Slow down sugar and let me get on

I like your tank top, and your big boots too
I like your whole body shaking by the way you move
I love the sun on your skin, your hair waving free
But I'd love you even more if you'd get off that bike for me

Oh girl you know I want you so just lose that attitude
I may be rude, but I'm telling you
That I cause no harm, no sweat, no tears to shed
I just wanna take a ride with you baby

Well you might not be the brightest fruitloop in the bowl
But I've got milk, I've got milk and I'll be pouring it slowly
I got my spoon, I've got it ready for you
And I can stir, I can stir until you....
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