Zigtebra - Catch Me Videoları

Zigtebra - Specter live

Zigtebra is pure magic! They began their set with this amazing song, at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, 1/21/16, supporting Oh Wonder.

Zigtebra - Comet, Seattle

Zigtebra at the Comet Tavern, Seattle. 8-19-2113.

Where Have You Gone ZIGTEBRA

Music by: Zigtebra Featuring Emily Rose as herself, and Joseph as himself Produced by Bad Taste (http://www.badtaste.tv/) Directed by Brianna Larson Co-Directed & Photography by Brody Davis...

Zigtebra - "The Ride" music video

Zigtebra rides bikes! Here is our first music video of one of our early songs inspired by doing what we love.... um er riding bikes!

Elizabeth Moen - Anybody Ever Tell You | Sofar San Francisco

Elizabeth Moen performing "Anybody Ever Tell You" at Sofar San Francisco on September 11th, 2017 Click here to come to a show in your city: http://www.sofarsounds.com/signup For a new gig...