A Bloody Canvas - Blame The Doctor Not The Pills Şarkı Sözleri

this sickness seeps over every cell and every pore
creeping up and down my veins, silent murder
the face in the mirror shatterd when it fell
maybe im too far gone to tell, this is the end
all alone in my room with a crimson blade
its my private tomb in which i cannot be saved
but i wouldnt have it any other way...
...and with this lust for lacerations
i dont trust myself, and every night i'll erase the pain with these pills that promise to take me away...
...so let me close my eyes and fade away
i'll compromise my life, my love
i put my faith in what i dont believe, in the clouds above, soon i'll learn the truth behind the lies
will i ascend to the sky or remain in the ground?
well one things for sure, im not gonna stick around...
....and oh my god, this pills promised happiness, and oh my god, i dont trust myself, oh my god, this pills promised happiness, and oh my god, how can i trust myself?...
....this sickness prevents me from sleep
i think i'm in too deep, i cant see my breath
oh my god i think i'm nearing death
petty perscriptions cant save me now
you cant save me now...
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