A Bloody Canvas - Untitled Şarkı Sözleri

"when there is no more room in hell
the dead will walk the earth"
the bite, tearing of flesh
i heard you scream
then silence fell....haunted by what was
a tear rolled down, afraid of what could be
this wont be the last time
moments passed as i stared
at your lifeless body bleeding there
i knew what would come next
but yet i couldnt let go, and just walk away
i'm not afraid, not afraid to die
your eyes opened and met mine
re-animated, you looked deep into me
with the eyes of blood, you dont know me anymore
i cant let go of a memory, as dead as it may be
...your not dead to me....
this wont be the last time....
...in a flash i was on the ground
all i heard was the grinding sound of tooth against bone, the pain, oh my god the pain, feeling my life drain away, torn limb from limb, my last breath
what is this? what is this for?
is this what death feels like?
no, this is love...
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