Amatory - The Only Thing Şarkı Sözleri

Blistering heat in the sweltering night
I can't sleep and I can't stand the light
I can't stand much of anything these days
The ridiculous roles that everyone plays
I hate your friends and their phony smiles
In front of your parents I feel I'm on trial
I can't stand you - I can't even stand myself
What can you do when no one answers your cry for help

I wonder just who the hell I am
Can't find my place in this dead end town
But where can I go to the ends of the earth
Still the stinking rat race runs me right to the ground
I separate myself from everything
Some people are saying that I've gone too far
I don't give a fuck what anyone says
Just give me some room and my own guitar

The only thing

There's a raging storm building up
But it's not outdoors it's inside my head
So hard to deal with all this pain
Sometimes I feel I'm better off dead
I find my solace in only one thing
It's the strike of a chord and a vibrating string
The only thing that spares my fall
The only thing that hears my call
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