Barbra Streisand - Introductory Remarks Şarkı Sözleri

(You know it's been a very interesting time in the news recently but I'm not Going there cause we'd be here all night you know, let me just say that Music transcends politics, and for me in between planning this show and Rehearsals I've been writing a book, an autobiography this time and I Thought I'd better do It now before my memory gets anymore misty and Watercolored you know, so anyway writing this book reminded me of how Much I've enjoyed making records, all these years, and one of the reasons Is that I'm in control of my own work, and my brilliant manager Marty Erlekman, who's been with me since I was 19 years old, negotiated a Fantastic contract a first contract with a record label that allowed me to Have full creative control even down to the artwork of my album covers And it was good because the record company came up with a title for my First album 'Sweet and Saucy Streisand' so I was like a barbecue sauce You know but Marty is here tonight he's been my manager for over 50 Years and to give you an idea of how long that was it was when a tweet Was what a bird did and the only people who had cell numbers were in jail, So when we put this show together Marty told me Something that gave me An idea for the first act, he told me that I had 10 Number One albums in Over six decades he said it's ok didn't mean to have an applause there but It's just a fact and I thought, my God have I been around that long? So Tonight I'm gonna do a song from each one of those albums)
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