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(Now earlier this year I released an album called Encore which is a Collection of Broadway duets with movie actors who sing and some of the Songs have dialogue and I was really thrilled when it opened at Number One on the charts which makes it 11 but who's counting, um and that's why I needed great actors like Alec Baldwin, Anne Hathaway, Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Jackman, yeah I got to sing with Wolverine.
I though I had long nails you know but what a cast it was so much fun, I Mean I thought I would show a little behind the scenes video so you can See what I mean ok?)

(When I heard that Barbra Streisand wanted to work with me it shocked the Hell out of me, it still shocks the hell out of me)

(I though oh God there must be some mistake but here I am)

(Ha-ha first I thought she wanted to make an album just with me which I Fire as am was I knew there must have been a mistake there somewhere)

(Tell you what now she's on top of it, Oh Quincy, yeah m'am, all right, that's Mercy you got be on port m'am)

(I can't wait for my mom to see this cuz you know my mom straight hood Dallas, uh Barbra uh you was with Barbra Streisand uh I love her)

(The voice of Barbra is extraordinary it's just velvet)

(Well I got the e-mail about it, my wife who is the biggest Barbra Streisand Fan she read it and she screamed I was like I don't know how on earth this Has happened and she said, but your doing this, Yeas of course I'm doing It)

(Once I got over the shock I was so so thrilled, you know I made them trial A little bit more exasperated, it takes a long time to figure it out, yeah, She's a little she's a little you know, hi-hi-hi, Barbra you have to stop writing Me Jesus)

(This is my friend Melissa so I'm Barbra, I don't know if you really introduced yourself to anything, no I'm on it)

(You know I heard you had a Starbucks in your house, you heard what, all The employees have to wear cashmere)

(I absolutely loved having her direct me it feels fun at yet you know that What she's saying your in good hands)

(Beautiful thing of beauty, I think I was as nervous being directed by her as I was singing by her she was great, I went from being Oh I can't do it to Being like oh yeah ok I fit here somehow and it worked out)

(You can play I can play better, oh good, now you say yeah that was good, Yeah that was good, we just have this moment)
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