Barbra Streisand - The Swan Şarkı Sözleri

What are ya gonna do?
Shoot the swans?
These lovelies?

Can't you see when you look on me
What a lovely creature is a swan
Yo ho

I'm all over fluffy white
I wouldn't peck at you or bite
And have tiny twinkle toes to dance upon

Oh, was that good?

So you just gotta have a swan
Or you're out of luck
'Cause a chicken wouldn't do
It would only cluck

And besides you couldn't say
"I saw a Chicken Lake ballet"
They would think you don't know nothin'
You are missing yer button
'Cause a chicken's only good for consummate

Where upon, where upon
Where upon, where upon
A chicken or a duck is a mistake
When you do 'Swan Lake'
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