Brick Bath - American Currency Şarkı Sözleri

Fuck the devil, God, Jesus Christ
I just want to sacrifice
Nailed to the cross life's man made
Burn the money give it, give it all away

Fuck the people I encourage war
Encourage hatred I fend for more
I am greed and greed is wealth
I hate you and I hate myself

Pay the price for this life
It's just a soul sacrifice

I'm broke, I'm broke you see
Need to put the pieces back together in me
And then you'll realize
Money is God just open your eyes

And now, it's time to act
Push the envelope never looking back
Repent, or suicide, only two answers
Please make up your mind

Do you want to question, do you want to know
Do you want to be the one that gets to the show
Do you want to save my soul with me
Do you want to die, do you want to be me

Jesus Christ, the almighty dollar!

American currency
Will be the death of you and me
Terrorism, homosexuality
Nothing is left, gone, nothing is free

Burn the Bible then burn the cross
Burn the land at any cost
God is angry and God you'll see
God will deal with you and me
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