C. Duck Anderson & Nate Richert - Itasca Şarkı Sözleri

I'm so cold, baby
I need your arms tonight
And I'm hopin', baby
That we won't have to wait
This weather too long

The snow, it ain't ceasing
And the ice, it just won't break
And I don't know, baby
Just how much more I can take

Poor Sammy didn't make it
I put him in the shed
And if I stay it won't be long
'Till I'm just as dead

So I'm packin' the last
Of my belongings
And setting out tonight
And if there's a God above us
I'll be left to see the light

The devil loves the winter
It's comfort's like a thorn
I've got news for all you sinners
I found out that hell ain't warm

It's right here in Itasca
In the middle of the woods
And believe me when I say that
If I could be anywhere else
In this world I would

But the cards have long been shuffled
The glass has run out of sand
And I'm sorry my sweet lady
I was dealt a dead man's hand

So I'm writing this here letter
'Cause I won't be there to sing
Sell everything in my name
And buy yourself that diamond ring
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