Crüxshadows - Ariadne Şarkı Sözleri

he cast you to this isolation
without the spark that made life real
nothing lost before the mourning
nothing moves and nothing feels
your distant eyes filled up with longing
who steals the dignity within?
black sails fade from the horizon
and take away your innocence

it doesnt have to end this way
he filled your head with make believe
no time to cry so wake up
it doesnt have to be this way
you define what you believe
take hold of your destiny
remember...whats inside

so cautiously you walk the dawning
searching through deserted dreams
he used your love he used your body
and then discarded everything
your wanting eyes filled up with silence
to find the dignity within
to free the world beyond regretting
beyond the grays of innocence
step inside and feel division
words make the delusion real
truth is not alive in knowledge
but dead within the lies we deal
theseus will break your heart
theseus will break your heart
what your life has failed to grant you
live to claim, and claim to live
so many paths lead to tomorrow
what love has lost
can you forgive?
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