Daniel Norgren - Putting My Tomorrows Behind Şarkı Sözleri

When I'm coming home, my mind starts to roam.
I go to bed while picking up speed
the surface might say that I'm doing okay
that I got what a man might need

I got my degree, a brand new tv
the parts where I live ain't too bad
but I can't recall, none of it all
in any dreams I've had

I hear myself saying, I'm doing fine my life is a walk through the pines.
But I'm sick and I'm tired, spending my time, putting my tomorrows behind.

The sky is big and white and I'm locked inside
working all day with a frown
I guess I'm just a coward who would need to get fired and banished from this town

I think to myself, things weren't trying like tomorrow I'll quit, tough I'm.
but I'm sick and tired spending my time putting my tomorrows behind.

I think to myself, time after time
tomorrow I'll be there in my prime
but I'm sick and I'm tired, cause I know that I'm lying I'm putting my tomorrows behind
I'm sick and I'm tired, cause I'm not even trying
I'm putting my tomorrows behinds.
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