Danity Kane - Stay With Me Şarkı Sözleri

Raindrops fall from everywhere
I reach out for you but you're not there
so i stood waiting in the dark
With you picture in my hand
story of a broken heart

Chorus:(Aundrea lead)
Stay with me
don't let me go
Cauze i can't b without you
just stay with me
and hold me close
because i build my world around you
and i don't wanna know
what it's like without you
so stay with me
just stay with me

Im trying and hoping for the day
when my touch is enough
to take the pain away
cause i've searched so long
the answer's clear
we'll be ok if we don't let it dissapear

Repeat Chorus: (Dawn lead)

I've searched my heart over so many many times
No you and I is like no stars
to light the sky at night
our picture hangs up to remind me of the days
you promised me we'll always be and never go away

thats why i need you to stay

Repeat Chorus: (Dawn lead)

So I stand waiting
in the dark
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