C-Rena - I'm In Love With A Tipper Songtexte

He's my sugar daddy i knew from momment that he stepped into the club

He was the one just standing there grilling on the floor

I must slipping (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Cause he got me trippin (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I think i am going to the crib with him and do that night thing.

I fel in love with a tipper
He coppin and poppin them bottles and giving me dough and fell in love with a tipper
He tippin he paying
Daddy i ain't going nowhere yeah i'm staying
Repeat twice!

Out of all the girls he chose me yeah
So i'ma keep him as a tank cause i know he spending change
Yes i know
So i ma do what i do forever more
But i know what happened, when i gave him the lap dance
Next thing i know we at the crib doing that night thing

Chorus: repeat twice!

I can pop it i can lock it
Like i do in the club
He keep giving me them thugs thats right
While we doing our thang all night
I gotta admit it yeah yeah yeah
This guy wasn't wit it no no no
So now that we together it turned out to be the right thing

Chorus:repeat til fade out!
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