Frogs - I'm Hungry Songtexte

I'm hungry
Feed me now
I gotta eat something
Don't give a shit, give me a piece of a cow
I'm hungry
Come on, where's the meat?
Give me a piece of fruit, that kind
I'm hungry
Don't give a shit about lying around in a nursing home watching TV
Give me a piece of anything!
I'm hungry
I don't wanna be your friend
I'm hungry
Give me what you got on your plate
Get your hands!
I'll take what I want
I'm hungry
I deserve this food
Don't you dare not feed me food!
I'm hungry
Who isn't?
Got something stuck in my throat
Probably a piece of pheasant
What do you put in this food?
Are you poisoning me?
My throat is bent
My throat is all bent up
My throat!
The bent... the bent throat!
I got a bent throat!
What do you mean, what the fuck?
The throat is bent
You can't eat food with a bent throat
You try fooding eat
You eat, yeah, you eat all right
I watch you eat
I never get no food
What do I get?
Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers
Give me some rightovers for once
My throat
Wait a minute
But I'm hungry
I'm hungry
Oh man, I'm hungry
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