Lachrimatory - Adagio Songtexte

Now is like after a funeral
Leave me in this bed, in the size for my body
Joined to the ground
Where an empty sleep sprouts from

The distress crucifies me

Stained with blood, wounds
Drenches my flesh
The virgin of the night
Is a bitter forbidden fruit

Sing the tune of thy voice
It becomes a dark melody
Which in my name is heard
Depressing and false

Deep, acute, lustful
Mental masturbations
Gloomy war of senses
Mystery that opens doors for a secret idyl

Let the mourning of absynth poison our
Human veins
Leave your way of thorns to be accomplice
Of the earth

I crucify myself

Let the music goes on enough to cut
The burning statue of fear
The blood shivers in my hands
Imprisoning thee in the same plot

I crucify myself

The darkness has held my heart
As a damned angel possesses insane souls
The death doesn't tell me anything
At all
It's a lusty wind
It's a brief and shy sigh

Let me hear thy clamours
Crying thy figure
Veiling thy flowers
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