Lil Happy Lil Sad - On Repeat Songtexte

Everytime that I wake up I just wanna sleep
I feel like I've had enough I just wanna leave
Everytime I stand up I cant fucking breathe
Life is tough and our arguments goes on repeat

I wish we had at least a day without fighting
Wish I could go a whole day without crying
When I say I'm feeling fine u know I'm lying
Everything sucks but I am trying

Babe I know its tough right now
But we're worth fighting for
I know ur the one for me
And I'm the one for u
Just trust me and let it go
You don't have to worry anymore

Everytime I'm waking up
I always start to weep
I cant really say what
But somethings hurting deep
Finding ways to fuck me up
Turned me to a fiend
I don't mean to be so cold
But I always freeze
I don't mean to always bring shit up
And I don't mean to always fuck us up
I don't mean to lay my pain on you
That is why I run away from you
Girl I know that u were meant for me
And like ur saying I was meant for u
But on the inside is where shit gets real
And all my darkness fucking eats u too
Suicidal thoughts always going on repeat
Excessive dark feelings from my fucking bpd
I always hurt myself bad releasing endorphins
Overwhelming overthinking fuck I feel so weak
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