Wiseman - Growing (Youth Size Chart) Songtexte

I'm out of school.
We're a growing youth.
You'll be part of this?
But my friends hates you.
We don't want you here.

Leaving party alone today.
Concern to take you goes away.
Drawing a new way chart of growing youth..
Now, war is happening.
And my heart is cold!

Live to learn.
Parents can't control yourselves.
Would be jamming.
When the magic is real,
Shall feel afraid of doing right.
Fire in heaven.
A million degrees. Old gift for you.
Leave your self respect,
Buying human rights, someone wants.

- Fall and stay: I don't want tricks. No more
Forever will be a numbskull.
- Fall and stay: Being my cool moron.
But never alone.
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